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Azerbaijan’s nation is considered as one of the most ancient nations of the world. Azerbaijan’s literature, musical heritage, arts, cultural monuments, and history are the pride of its nation. Babaaz travels and tours, along with other services provide assistance for Azerbaijan Visit Visa from Pakistan.

Azerbaijan and Its Folk Arts:

Admirable climate, natural resources, and nature of this country generated a remarkable effect on creative skills and artistic approach on people of Azerbaijan. Despite a difficult and long way encountered by various kinds of arts in this country, they still show a harmony and grant exceptional opportunities for the formation of a full idea of Azerbaijan’s fine arts. This country’s folk arts are rich, complete and multi-colored, just like its natural resources. The folk arts reflect and represent the aesthetic tastes, lifestyles, qualities and the national image. Fascinating models of folk arts of Azerbaijan can be found in the largest museums of the world.

There is an interesting and long history of Azerbaijan’s folk arts. Pieces of art produced by Gadanay, Migachevir, Gandja, Nakhichevan, and other places are almost 5000 years old. Cultural model and material, discovered while archeological trenching in Azerbaijan’s territory, indicate that their forefathers made daggers, crockery, belts, and axes and utilized them in routine life. Azerbaijan’s homeland is known as Land of flames as its people had rich cultural and musical heritage. There is a special place of ashug creation, dances and folk songs in the national music of Azerbaijan. Fine arts of this country rich and old just like the history of their nation. Music, cinema, folk arts and research of theatre passed the difficult and long way of advancement, demonstrates great ethnical inheritance of the people of Azerbaijan.

Beautiful and Famous Spots of Azerbaijan:

Other than folk arts there are a lot of beautiful places in Azerbaijan that are worth visiting.
Baku: One of the most appealing places in this country in Baku. It is known for its ancient old towns and modern city center. Icheri Sheher, displays Islamic patterns of architectonics, although effusive European cloaks line the old city. The outlook and scenes from the cliff alongside Martyr’s Lane, an elongated walkway alongside the Caspian Sea are the most admirable attractions.
Astara: According to the people of Azerbaijan, Astara is the most beautiful place of this country. The town is surrounded by mountains, virgin rainforests which are lush green, and a variation of animals and plants, and the Caucasus leopard is in the Hirkan National Park.
Absheron National Park: It is the national park of this beautiful country. The dusty fields made by the semi-desert conditions cover around 2000 acres.
The Caspian Sea: This sea is considered the largest lake in the world. Beautiful resorts can be found in Sumgait.
Agh Gol National Park: The second largest lake of this beautiful country is Lake Aggol that sits inside this park. The dusty scenery makes a nesting point for migrant birds, and the lake contains a lot of fishes.
Shirvan National Park: This park contains more than 250 breeds of birds in which 32 of them are considered as rare ones. For overnight stays, there are camping sites and beautiful Bungalows.
Gabala: This is the old capital of Caucasus Albanians. The main attractions of Gabala are waterfalls and canyons, ski resorts, and beautiful valleys.
Goyazan Mountain: It sits alone across a horizontal backdrop of rolling plains and fields granting an eminent display in the panorama.
Goygol Lake: This beautiful lake was formed around 1000 years ago after an earthquake. Now, it is considered as the most favorite spot for tourists. This lake provides the best spots for photography.
Other than these, there are other beautiful points in this country such as, Sheki, Carpet museum, Maiden’s Tower, Xinaliq, and many more.

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