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On South East Asian mainland, the second largest country is Thailand, after Myanmar. In making Thailand a unique and admirable nation, history and geography have played an important role. Historic and cultured, fun loving and affable, this beautiful country beams a golden hue, from its beaches and sparkling temples along the always delighting Thai smile. Babaaz travels and tours along with Thailand Visa, offering you Thailand tour packages from Pakistan so that you can visit this pleasing and alluring country with friends and family.


Nation of Thailand is made on few specific pillars that include Monarchy and Buddhism. Religion had directly influenced modern Thailand, though since the beginning of the 20th century, few outside influences had shaped this country. Islam was one of them. Arts, language, cuisine, dance, Chinese Westernization and migration, and music have influenced 21st century’s Thailand.

Thailand and its History:

This country’s name transcribes as “the land of free”. During Thailand’s history of 800 years, this country has never colonized. According to many visitors Thailand is the country of smiles. Siam was the earlier name of this country. The area of this country is 514,000 square kilometers. Borders of Thailand are being shared with Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Many Annalists of Thailand believe, started emigrating from South China in the initial tenure of the era of Christians. Moderately they migrated forward south to fertile and broad central fields, making the Sukhothai Empire and broaden their supremacy on all Indochina Peninsula. The first kingdom of Thai was Sukhothai. Governors of Thailand found it in 1238. To make it an Independent region, these governors Khun Pha Muang and, Khun Bang Klang Thao fought with Khmers.

The most blooming period of this country was the era of Sukhothai. It was the golden time for their culture. Later on in mid-14th century Sukhothai was enforced to Ayutthaya. Theravada Buddhism was declared as the official religion. Kingdoms of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai were the cause of the blooming and development of the Thai culture.

Culture of Thailand:

As the official religion of this country is Buddhism, they are 93% of the whole population. Muslims are 5%, and are considered the largest minority here. Christians are 1.2% and the remaining 0.8% is comprised of the non-religious population.

Thais enjoy 16 public vacations in the whole year. Some of them are:

  • Magha Puga: It is related to Buddhist culture. They try to do good actions and avoid sins during the day.
  • New Year: People celebrate this day with their family and friends. Worships are being done in the temples of Buddhists.
  • Songkran: This event is being celebrated from 13th April to 15th April. As this event is related to purification so some fun activities related to water are carried out.
  • Chakri Day: This day is celebrated on 6th April.
  • Chulalongkorn Day: It is celebrated on 23rd October. It is the death ceremony of the King Chulalongkorn.
  • Constitution Day: This day is celebrated on 10th of December.
  • Visakha Puja: This event is celebrated on 4th June. This ceremony is associated with Buddhism. Celebrations are conducted in the temples.

Languages in Thailand:

Thai is the official language of the country. Children are taught Thai in their schools. Alphabets of Thai are evolved from the alphabets of Khmer. Different minority groups speak different languages. They include Kelantan-Pattani Malay, Lao dialect of Isan, Khmer, Mon, Akha, Hmong, Karen, and, Viet. In Thailand the compulsory language in schools is English.

Thais Etiquette:

Thais greet one another very decently, as the youngers bow their head and press their hands together when they meet their elders. This greeting way is known as “Wai”. For males they say “sawatdi khrap” and for females they say “sawatdi kha”. Thai obey their elders in their families and elder siblings are considered the role models for younger siblings.

Food in Thailand:

Cuisine of Thailand is effected by the countries in neighbor Cambodia, Laos, and, Burma along with Vietnam and China’s cooking styles and traditions. Thai cuisine is considered as one of the most famous cuisines of the world. Some famous and most liked dishes are:

Thai Green Curry:

The main ingredient of this dish is fish balls or chicken. Other ingredients includes lemon grass, green chilies, and, coconut cream.

Pad Thai:

It is the national dish of Thai cuisine. It is made of fish sauce, noodles, shrimp, egg, tamarind, ginger, garlic, shallots, peanuts, bean sprouts, soy sauce and chili. It is the most famous street food in Thailand.

Tom Yum Soup:

The main ingredient is shrimp. Kaffir lime, chilies, fish sauce, lime juice, and, lemon grass are the building blocks of this soup.

Main Attractions for Tourists:

Thailand is full of beautiful places that will make you admire them and say “WOW” when you will visit them. Beautiful oceans and beaches, water sports, and, Thai cuisine is what makes it worth giving a visit. Main attractions for Thai themselves and tourists are:

  • The Chao Phraya River
  • Safari World Zoo
  • The Tiger Kingdom
  • Phi Phi Island
  • Krabi Island
  • The Grand Palace
  • Wat Arun towers
  • Underwater World Pattaya
  • Buddha Mountain
  • Asiatique Sky
  • Erawan Falls

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