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Several countries of the world are famous due to their beauty and fabulous attraction points. Austria is one of those countries and comprises beautiful tourist sites and beautiful lakes that will blow your mind. It is a central European country and the majority population belongs to Christianity and after that most of them are Catholics. Our travel agency Lahore is allowing you to book your ticket right now from us. we are here to provide you with all types of assistance related to Austria. Our agency is serving people on national and international level also, so feel free and contact us.  

Language and currency prevailing in Austria 

German is the most famous and prominent language that most of the Austrians used to speak. Other languages are also prevailing on small levels like Hungarian, Turkish, and much more. The recent existing currency of this country is Euro.  

Culture and Tradition  

Austria is famous due to its artwork, music, and various music composers, philosophers, and scientists. Austria is also popular due to its historical values and historical places like museums. There is a great variation exists within the culture and arts because numerous cultures are merged with their own culture. Therefore, you will see lots of differences in the field of arts and music. Austria gave birth to the most prominent scientists and philosophers. Those all were the most popular at national and international level also. If you want to come here to see its history plus beauty, Babaaz Travels is inviting you to contact us. We will give you all further information plus consultancy services related to this country.  

Best prominent foods of Austria  

  • Krapfen 

This dish is a sweet dish and kind of a doughnut that makes every occasion most attractive and more impressive. The dough is formed with all-purpose flour and different shapes are formed for the deep frying process. After deep frying, it will turn out golden and crispy. In the end, a smooth paste of apricot jam and custard is served with it. 

  • Karntner. kasnudeln   

This dish is another famous dish and it looks like a small pocket made of dough. These small pouches or pockets look so pretty and inside all these, there is a specific kind of mixture. The mixture is made up of mashed potatoes with various herbs and spices. After making it, these all will be boiled. After that, in the end, a sweet and sour buttery sauce will be prepared while serving, the taste of these pouches is really fantastic.  


There is a huge list of Austrian sports and the people of Austria just love to play various kinds of tournaments. Especially when the winter season will be start, the snow will be scattered everywhere. Because of heavy snow, there are special tracks made for snowboarding and grounds for ice hockey, etc. Many other famous sports are existing that people love to take part in. Even you will see different sports competitions that are held during summer and winter, for example, football and tennis. If you wish to play all these in Austria, go and get your visa through our travel agency, where you will get all traveling assistance at flexible rates.  

places to visit 

  • Vienna  

The city of Vienna is the capital of Austria and also the biggest tourist attraction because of its beautiful locations and artistic buildings. Especially the coffee shops are well decorated and give an architectural touch. If you want to see their traditional houses with elegant royal palaces, so don’t wait so long and contact Babaaz Travels. Our travel agency is an internationally recognized agency that can give you authentic traveling services at our office in Lahore city of Pakistan.   

  • Hallstatt  

It’s a beautiful village in Austria covered with mountains and lakes that show amazing views. In the winter season, mountains are covered with snow and in summer mountains are covered with greenery and forests. If you wish to see that place in Austria, come to our office and bring your ID card with your passport and photos. Your character certificate of good behavior from the police will be also necessary and if you have any old traveling history, bring it along with you.