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Babaaz Travels & Tours International is a pioneer travel agency in Lahore. You can book tickets all over the world at our 24-hour online travel agent in Lahore. We provide cheap tickets to Pakistan and all over the world. We also provide Europe, Schengen, U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia visit visa file preparation services. We are the best travel agency in Lahore which provides visa assistance services throughout the world.

Babaaz Travels & Tours International in Lahore is a known name and is very popular as they provide world-class service to their customers. We don’t compromise on anything other than giving the best services to our customers.

Babaaz Travels & Tours International – A Place Where You Will Get Reasonable Visit Visas Assistance


Whenever a person plans to visit somewhere in the world, so the main thing is to get the right direction and help via authentic sources. Because in this traveling matter the true guidance is very much important for everyone. Especially when a person goes on an international trip for some reason for the first time. So, he needs real assistance in this regard and many people try to find various agencies for such purpose. Many different agencies are working over here in Lahore city of Pakistan but the most authentic one is the Babaaz Travels agency.  


This amazing travel agency is working here for many years and can give you the most affordable services related to visit visa consultant in Lahore. So, if you are a citizen of Lahore city, it will not be far away from your residential place. you can easily reach the office of Babaaz Travels via a little search. If you want to know about some foreign country details and want to know about any kind of visit visa Assistance. So do not waste time and checkout our fabulous travel agency in Lahore.


Various Visa Services of Babaaz Travels Agency  


This travel agency is specifically made to help out all the citizens plus outsiders that are interested to take services of visas. Several types of visa services will be provided to the candidate with some additional valid information. All the relevant info will be based on the latest and updated news about foreign visas. There are some specific types of visa services that Babaaz Travels is providing to their beloved clients. Which, top visa services are visit visa services, visit visa assistance, all Europe visit visa services and all-over Schengen visit visa assistance.


We provide all-over-the-world visit visa assistance/services that you will find here with the relevant guidance schedule. We truly invite you to come here because the prices we are offering are the lowest throughout the country. We also offer the option of negotiation here, so do not take stress because we are freely available for you every time.    


Visit Visa services of Babaaz Travels  


Our visit visa services are very much famous throughout the country. Our services are not famous only inside the country but the outside the country also. Many foreigners also contact us when they need any kind of visit visa from us. Because they know very well that undoubtedly our agency is the best travel agency in Pakistan. Get the chance right now and come to our office with some important papers of yours, you will be happy to see our amazing services.   


Travel Visa Assistance of Babaaz Travels Agency  


If you want to plan for the first time so it will be necessary for you to take assistance related to your traveling. For such purposes, most people try to figure out the best agencies that can give them all details and visas with discounted rates. So, to make your wish come true about traveling, we are here to help you out in this matter. Here you will find out the best travel visa assistance with the entire guidance plan. So, do not worry if you are looking for a good travel agency in Lahore or a visit visa consultant in Lahore Pakistan that can give you top-notch travel services. So, what are you waiting for, get your visit visa consultancy and tickets right now and enjoy your trip with Babaaz Travels.   


Europe visa services  


If you wish to visit Europe or European countries but don’t have any idea of getting exact possible means. So, we are going to invite you here in our office, just visit here once and check our Europe visa services. You will find these, the most accurate services with an affordable decent amount of visas. You will not have to wait so long to get the visa for your Europe tour. Because it will hardly take 2-5 weeks and the visa will be ready for you. Different European countries are waiting for you, so go and get your visa right now with our best travel agency in Pakistan.    


Online Air tickets services  


Babaaz Travels is not only famous due to its visit visa consultancy services but it is also popular due to its air ticket booking services. People who are interested to get air tickets soon with authentic services usually contact us. Our all clients are very satisfied and pleased with our brilliant air tickets. Because here they can get the extensively lowest rates as compared to other travel agencies.


Online air ticket services are our biggest feature that will make your life easier for you. Because booking the air tickets in the regular normal way is so much time-consuming and expensive task. But here you will not face such kind of things and easily air ticket can be obtained via our online services. Where you can simply book your air ticket on whatever date you want. Within a few minutes, you will book your ticket via our Babaaz Travels online platform. So, do not worry and open our websites, where you can select your favorite air ticket at reasonable rates. We always welcome you here at our office also, where travel consultancy services will be also there to assist you.    


Required for visit visa


Documents required for a visit visa may differ depending on the country you plan to visit and your individual circumstances. However, here is a list of common documents that may be needed:


It is essential to be aware that visa requirements can change quickly, so always double-check with our expert consultant for the country you plan to visit for the most up-to-date details.

Visit Visa Assistance Services Including

Visa Categories

Work Visa

Apply your work visa for Europe at very low cost. We are providing professional services for work permits. Contact us for more details.

Business Immigration Visa

We are providing professional services for Business Immigration with families and without families. Contact us for more details.

Citizenship by Investment

Direct apply for citizenship of Europe countries by Investment. If you are a business man and you have a desire to settle in Europe, this is the best way to apply. Contact us for more details.

USA Green Card

For more details contact us.

Family Visa

We are providing professional services for Family Visas. Visit visas and family Immigration. Contact us for more details.

Student Visa

Apply at the best Universities and Colleges through us. Get your student visas done with ease. Contact us for more details.

Visit Visa

Apply visit visas to all over the world through our reliable and professional team. Complete documents assistance will be provided. Contact us for more details.

Judicial Review Appeal

Appeal for your visa refusals through our legal team. Contact us for more details.

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Travel freely around the world with Babaaz Travels and Tours. Exciting and mouth watering packages that suits your mood. We provide assistance and all documents solutions for Schengen Visa, Europe Visa, Middle East Visa, Africa Visa and Hajj and Umrah at a very low cost. Visit your dream country and explore exciting places around the world. Charges starting from as low as  9,999/- PKR for visa assistance. (Embassy Fees not included). Best Hajj and Umrah packages at very low cost. Visit our office for more details.

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Consult with our professional team regarding your profile and get the best advise for your future. Contact us for more details.

Eligibility Assessment

Send us your profile details and have a free eligibility assessment of Europe, Canada and other countries. Contact us for more details.

Application Processing

Our professional team help in processing your visa applications. Complete file preparation and documents assistance provided. Contact us for more details.

Hotel Booking Services

Complete services pre landing will be provided. Contact us for more details.

Post Landing Services

Our international team will help you after landing in International Zone. Contact us for more details.

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