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Babaaz Travels is your one-stop shop for all your travel visa needs. We can help you obtain a visa for travel to the United States, whether you’re a business traveler or tourist. We’ll make the process easy and hassle-free, so you can focus on your trip.

US or United states is considered the most popular, advanced, and crowded American country in the world. These all are the multiple states of America with lots of cultural diversity and a variety of immigrants also. Every year there is a huge strength of immigrants are come here in which, Pakistan, India, and many other countries are included. The most famous states of America are New York, New Jersey, Texas, Washington DC, etc. In, Washington DC is the capital of America.  

The common language that Americans used to speak is American English. The majority of the USA consists of Christians and they are famous for their advanced cultural diversity, music with arts, food, sports, and best places to visit. If you are looking for a travel agency that can give you detailed info and visa consultant services in the United States. So, you reached the right point because we are here to serve you all the time. 

Culture and Entertainment  

The United States comprises a huge variation among the various cultures, it’s a mixture of several prevailing cultures of the world. A combination of music plus Arts will blow your mind at first glance. There are many popular and outstanding painters are existed that can show American culture plus American history through their paintings. They can make beautiful landscapes and sceneries containing the specific American festival’s theme that happens every year. Now you have a chance to visit such places with the brilliant traveling consultant services of Babaaz travels. Where you will find out the all relevant consultancy services with detailed information about US and visa.   

Sports of the United States  

Sports are the most important part of Americans’ lives and they like to play various sports. There is a complete list of their sports and various games, that they regularly play with several teams. Following are a few names of such sports:  

  • Baseball 
  • Volleyball 
  • Ice hockey 
  • Wrestling 
  • Football  
  • Basketball 
  • Swimming 
  • Tennis 
  • Cycling  
  • Golf 
  • Favorite foods of the USA  

In the US, there is a variety of famous foods that are most common even in the streets of the whole America. The breakfast contains healthy meals like corn cereals, boiled eggs, salads, etc. Then a proper meal is served with well-decorated food items. Let’s have a look at famous dishes of the USA 

  • Apple Pie  

It is a sweet dish that normally serves at tea time or evening snack time. It is made up of a thick crust of baked dough with caramelized apples inside the crust. It is deliciously made with fresh sugar-coated apples and on top icing sugar is sprinkled.  

  • Fried chicken  

Americans just love to eat fried chicken in any form. You can see it in many different dishes like burgers, wraps, fried rice, etc. The recipe is also so simple with few ingredients like chicken, spices, and a mixture for coating. After that, a deep frying process will be done that makes the fried chicken more crunchy, it is usually served with several sauces.  

  • Burritos  

This dish is from Mexico and is very famous throughout the whole USA. Burrito is a kind of wrap that looks like Dougherty flatbread, in which chicken, spices, and salads are wrapped with sauces.  

Best places to visit the US 

  • San Antonio 

This place is famous due to its beautiful river, museums, various shops, and all the festivals that happen here. It is prevailing within the state of Texas and people come here due to the huge facilities and beautiful scenes of the riverside walk. If you are also interested to see, contact Babaaz Travels and get amazing consultancy deals. You just have to submit your passport, ID card, and character certificate.  

  • Honolulu beach  

This place is also the biggest tourist point because of the eye-catching views of the beach. You can find the best hotels and resorts over there, the best time to visit this place is the spring season. Make a plan to see the views of the beach and consult with our Travel agency in Lahore. That can give you the right directions and details about visa, hotels and much more, almost within 2 weeks you will get your visa through our most popular consultancy services of Lahore city.