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New Zealand Visit Visa

Whenever you want to plan your vacations, New Zealand is an ideal destination. All the tourist places of New Zealand are iconic and too attractive. One of its delightful landscapes is Middle Earth. The important factor that is mandatory for traveling is a valid New Zealand Visit Visa. Luckily, now the process of its visa is online and many travel companies offer it. In particular, Babaaz Travels and Tours International carefully reviews the application when you submit it. Their professionals give you peace of mind that your application is completely perfect and get a valid visa in a shorter time.

What is the visit visa?

The purpose of a visit visa is to visit a country for tourism purposes. When you have it, you can travel to New Zealand and explore its different tourist spots. The New Zealand travel agent assists you in the application process for a visa. The agent also guides you on what you can do there and what you cannot.

There are numerous things that you can do during visiting. In fact, you will enjoy a lot with your partner or family. You can do:

  • Have the right to play sports
  • You can also do studies there but it can be a short course and completed within three months
  • You can do your involvement in cultural activities
  • Choose the best place for your wedding event

You cannot do: 

Any activity related to work/business is not allowed. You cannot do any kind of payment. In this scenario, a person will need a work visa. On a visitor visa, no one can do any small or large business.

Who can apply for this visa?

People from different countries can apply for the visa. The motive of New Zealand visit visa assistance through the well-known travel company is to know every detail. It includes who can apply for it as well.

  • The original website of the government has mentioned the countries or territories from where anyone can apply. An applicant must not be from a visa-exempt territory.
  • It is specifically great for all those who want to spend more than three months in this country. A person from the UK gets a visa of 6 months.
  • There is no criminal history record of applicants. New Zealand considers this point for the safety & security of their society.
  • Moreover, the person has no serious health problems.
  • When you apply for yourself, there is also the option of “Add another person”. This feature is for easily applying for visas for your partner and children (less than 19 years old). With just one application process, you will get visas for your whole family.

Validity of Visit Visas

The validity of the visit category of visas is more than nine months. You can visit the country for nine months in 18 months duration. There are also options for single & multiple-entry visas. Not all travel companies guide you on it. But, Babaaz Travels and Tours International offers this facility. The entry depends on the traveling plans and the immigration officer takes a decision on the number of entries.

Extend of visa is also possible but in this case, you have to apply before the expiry date. The next apply procedure is for three months. Now, it means the total validity becomes 12 months. The crucial thing that you need to show is that you have a good bank balance. So, you will live well there also. Any tourist who lives for 12 months in the country must have to leave. If you want to again visit, you can again apply for a visit visa.

Mandatory documents for online apply

The travel agencies are exceptional in providing New Zealand visit visa services. When you apply online, the agency will guide you about the mandatory documents. After your submission, your application with this documentation will counter-check. It is for ensuring your application will get only approved status. The required documents are:

Photo: Your photo is not too old. It is a new one and attach to the form.

Valid Passport: Your passport must be valid. You will need a copy of it. Further, your residency proof is also compulsory.

Hotel reservation: Your hotel reservation shows you can easily afford to stay in a hotel for a whole period of tourism.

Return ticket: A tourist has to prove he is a genuine person who only wants to enjoy tourism. For it, the return ticket to the homeland country is also essential.

Evidence of your funds: When you will give the evidence of your funds, it will show you can efficiently pay all the expenses. This evidence includes a bank, credit card statements, etc.

Steps to apply online

The application online process is easier and we will guide you in just 3 steps. You will quickly understand these steps and have no any problem you will face when you follow them:

Step 1: 

All personal details should be filled in accurately. In the form with personal details, there will requirement to fill in the travel information. It includes your plan of traveling. The professionals will verify your application form.

Step 2:

Now, this step is to ensure you are serious about applying for the visa. Therefore, submit the visa fee using your credit card or bank account.

Step 3: 

The last step is that applicant will get the file of guidance. From this guidance, you will know how and when to submit your documents at the centers. Furthermore, you will make an appointment for a health examination.

Costs & processing time

In general, your nationality is a major factor in deciding the costs. The online travel agencies will tell you about the exact cost of traveling to New Zealand from your country. You have to mention that nationality which is written on the passport.

The processing time needs a minimum of New Zealand Visit Visa 52 days but it is not confirmed. But, mostly within this duration, the application process will be complete. The good idea is to apply and submit documents at least two months before your plan to visit. So, your vacation plan will never disturb in case of any delay in the processing. The experts of Babaaz will check your application and ensure there are no errors in it.