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Babaaz Travels is a leading provider of France visit visa assistance. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can help you with all your travel needs. We can provide you with the best possible advice and guidance to make sure that your trip is a success. Contact us today to find out more.

France is a beautiful European country with wonderful visiting attractions for tourists. Every year there is a huge strength of travelers who come here to see this country. It’s a world full of beauty, classical art, and multi-dimensional cultures. Various historical places like art museums are also the biggest attractions for outsiders. France is attached to 9 further borders including Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, etc. France is also famous due to its educational facilities and students like to come here for study purposes. It has a massive art and classical museum that shows the history, art, and culture combination.  

Our company Babaaz travels is inviting you to book your ticket right now via our traveling agency and enjoy the amazing trip to France. Paris is a beautiful capital of France that is famous because of a well-known tourist attraction named the Eiffel Tower. People come from far away places inside and outside the France just to see this huge Tower. It is also known as the symbol of France. In this country, the most common language is French and more than 85% of people are used to speak French. After that the second most common language is German.  

Culture belongs to France  

France comprises multiple cultures and there is a great variation among all these multiple cultures. The people of France are very much fond of art and culture and they showed multi-culture artistic things in their museums also. France is a country that makes a huge portion of cheese and supplies throughout the world. Even cheese made in France is worldwide prominent and popular, more than 1500 kinds of cheeses are made in France.  

Because of the huge diversity in culture, France arranged various festivals every year including the winter, autumn, and cultural festivals. The day of 14 July is celebrated because this day is a holiday and they called it Bastile day. Our travel agency is offering you to get your visa and ticket to France at affordable rates. We will give you a concession also, just visit our office and take advantage of our consultant services related to traveling.  

Popular Sports of France 

People of France love to play several games and everyone like to take part in multiple sports. Even there are huge competitions among various sports teams. The most highlighted and common sports in France are cycling, swimming, football, basketball, golf, etc. Besides all these sports, there is also a craze for martial arts among the people of France. For such purposes, some special institutions and academies are providing classes of martial arts. If you are also interested to learn and enjoy all these sports, call us or visit our travel agency in Lahore. Where you will get all the details relevant to France with visa and travel consultancy services.  

Famous Foods of France  

  • Beef Soup 

This is a particular traditional beef soup, which is very common in France. It is made up of few basic ingredients and it turns out so delicious. The main ingredients involved beef stock and some chopped onions. A few spices like pepper and salt are also added during boiling point. At the serving time, a portion of melted cheese with croutons will be also served on top.  

  • Chocolate soufflé 

It’s a kind of desert that is super airy and fluffy, there is chocolate inside the soufflé. It’s like a super soft and moist cake with chocolate filling inside.  

Places to visit in France 

  • Eiffel Tower Paris 

The Eiffel Tower of Paris is an extensively popular tourist attraction, people love to visit here. The night view of a tower with full of lightning on the side of the lake looks so mesmerizing. If you also wish to visit here, Babaaz travels is here to assist you and can provide you reasonable packages for a France tour. 

  • Louvre Museum  

This museum is another popular place to visit, it was a royal palace once. Now turned into a fine art museum with a huge collection of artwork. There are more than 3500 artistic items within the museum. If you wish to go to France, just be ready with your essential documents including your passport and ID card. We also need your character certificate and old traveling history (optional). 

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