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Germany is a well-known country belongs to the western European region of the world. This country is considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Germany consists of huge beautiful mountains surrounded by dark forests and gorgeous landscapes. The popular official language of this country is the German language that the majority used to speak. Germany is one the most economically strong countries in the world and the growth of its economy is also promising, currency is the euro. If you are looking for a platform that can give you traveling assistance relevant to Germany, so we are here for you. Our travel agency will give you top-class traveling assistance with reasonable packages.  

Culture and Entertainment  

This country is famous due to its various folk festivals, where the exhibitions of their artistic work are held throughout the country. People from all around the world come here to see their works of art and also for enjoying their music. Germany comprises a huge music market in which several kinds of melodies are formed with a specific message inside them. Besides art and music, Germany is also famous because of its literature, philosophy, and architectural design. Book your Germany visit visa & tickets right now via Babaaz Travels to watch its multicultural heritage and enjoy its tremendous folk festivals.  

German famous Sports 

This region of the world is full of people that are very much interested in all kinds of games, tournaments, and several sports competitions. The prominent games of Germany are football, basketball, golf, and handball. When winter starts, people of Germany love to play ice hockey, skiing, etc. Similarly, ski jumping is also included in popular German sports.  

Popular German Foods  

German foods are not the same in every city, because there is a huge variety of food in every city. The taste is also different for every town in Germany. International food items are also popular in Germany like pizza, pasta, Turkish donor kebab, Chinese food, sushi, etc. German people like to take bread and cheese with almost every meal. There are more than 600 kinds of bread that are daily manufacturing throughout the country. Our travel agency Lahore is giving you a chance to Germany visit visa and enjoy all these delicious food with our amazing traveling services. The rates we are offering are not going to put a burden on your pocket. So stay calm and visit our office for Germany visa and consultancy services.   

  • Spätzle 

This dish is a famous noodle dish that is a healthy option also because of it’s healthy ingredients. The noodles are made from the wheat and egg mixture. At the end, it is served with melted cheese and fried brown onions on top. There are some spices and herbs also added during making like pepper, salt, oregano, basil, etc.  

  • Kartoffelpuffer   

This dish is tasty and healthy also because the boiled potatoes are the main components of this recipe. These are also known as potato pancakes because it looks like pancakes after shallow frying. These are mashed potatoes that are mixed with eggs, flour, and several spices including onions. When the potato pancakes are ready these are severed with cheese on top with other various sauces.  

Popular places to visit 

  • Cologne Cathedral  

This place is the most famous throughout Europe. People come here to see its beauty plus the outstanding architectural design of that huge building structure. It includes heavy royal pillars and huge historical architecture towers, those pillars and towers are the identity of this cathedral of Germany. Through our company Babaaz Travels, you can easily visit this region of the world. You just have to follow some basic steps and you will get your Germany visit visa within 2 to 3 weeks.  

  • The black Forest  

This area is the most visited area of Germany, that is covered with dark green forests and people visit this place to get mind relaxation and to enjoy their camping. This beautiful region contains huge waterfalls and also a railway track surrounded by deep forests. If you also wish to see this amazing place just bring your passport, ID, and photos to our Lahore office. We also need your character certificate from the police to confirm your identity. So, don’t be late, we are waiting for you.