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Morocco is an African country with two main borders of Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea. A country of huge mountain ranges that are known as the best tourist attractions of this country. This region of the world is also known as the safest region for foreigners and especially for tourists. The national language of Morocco is Arabic because this country is an Islamic country, and almost 99% population is Muslim. There are further categories in Muslim communities as you will find here the majority of Sunni Muslims and a small portion of Shia Muslims. Our travel agency is allowing you to get a visa to Morocco and consultation services. So, you can enjoy the mountains with much more exciting sandy beaches in that place. The currency is called the Moroccan dirham.  


This country is popular for its Muslim traditions, festivals, Holidays, and art n crafts especially wooden craft. Similarly, there are much more things that attract tourists all over the world, for example, amazing woodwork, painted jewels, and decorations will mesmerize tourists. You will find out amazing handicraft items as well as beautiful pottery designs and the carpeting field is also very popular in this region. All these carpets show the tradition of such Arabic culture. Babaaz travels will give you all types of traveling and consultation services at affordable rates. Any type of query you have, just ask us by calling us, and we will guide you About visa and other staying options in morocco.   


There are many common and famous sports exist in Morocco like football, cricket, rugby, hockey, basketball, etc. Soccer was also known as the most important part of sports in this country. You will find out the fishing as well in specific seasons, hiking and trekking on mountains are also attractive points for the tourists. There are even adequate competitions that are held each year, in which 16 teams are involved to compete with each other. You can also take part in such amazing competitions via our Morocco visit visa assistance, we will give you a proper guidance package as well.   


  •  Zalouk  

It is a common dish that everyone loves to eat and it is mostly served with baked bread, which is crispy by nature also. The main recipe is made up of eggplant. This is a saucy curry made up of different spices and herbs. A mixture of tomatoes, eggplant, herbs, and spices makes a perfect blend of Moroccan special dishes.  

  • Fish chermoula  

Chermoula means a mixer of various spices and traditional Arabic herbs. This dish is made up of fish, that is topped with a mix of spicy sauces. The fish is in grilled form or it can be in baked form also. In the end, a mixer of spices is added to its top.    

Places to visit in Morocco 

  • Asilah 

This is a beautiful place consisting of amazing sandy beaches and blue water. Around the beach you can see the city walls also, from inside the city you will see the proper beautiful view of this beach. In August, there is a festival held also in which a huge strength of visitors also come here to attend that festival. This festival is organized on annual basis, the beach is decorated with lights and the night view is awesome. Babaaz travels will arrange your visa and tickets, just visit the office and get your favorite package.  

  • High Atlas  

This is a popular mountain range in Morocco that attracts many tourists. They usually come here for mountain climbing, walking, cycling, and trekking. It is usually known as the trekker’s heaven and the most enjoyable months for visitors are the spring months. The autumn season is also better for tourists because there are much more things here to enjoy in the autumn season. Our travel agency Lahore can give you the right direction with the Morocco visit visa at the best rates. Just hire our consultation services and make your journey more entertaining.    

Essential documents  

  • We need your identity card. 
  • Your passport. 
  •  Your 2 passport-size photographs. 
  • Certificate of your character from police.  
  • Your bank statements for the previous few months.  
  • If you have any old travel history paper, attach it also with the form.