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A Proper Guide for Schengen Visa

June 27, 2018 visas

Most of the time, people want to get its answer. But, they do not know what is the Schengen. First of all, I will describe in easier words what a Schengen visa is. When you will know all of its importance, you want to get it. Here, you will understand how to get it. You can quickly do it from Pakistan as well.

What is a Schengen visa?

It contains twenty-six countries and these countries are common as Schengen countries. These counties issue their Visas which are popular as Schengen Visa. With the use of this Visa, you can visit any one of these countries. It includes many European states. Therefore, it is the best option to get it because it makes your traveling more comfortable and enjoyable.

Which Schengen visa is easy to get from Pakistan?

The most common question is about which country provides this visa easily to Pakistanis. No, all European countries provide it. If you apply from Pakistan, there are some limitations. The Corona Pandemic has changed a lot of things in the whole world. Therefore, now, you will easily get this visa to Italy & Spain from your country.

The tourists easily get the acceptance of traveling to Finland & Iceland but Pakistanis do not get it. It is a collective report from the past few years. One significant reason is that many of these countries do not send their embassies to Pakistan.

How to apply for a Schengen visa from Pakistan

All the Schengen countries provide the same procedure for applying. There are certain specific documents that you have to submit:

  • First of all complete the form with full attention. If you desire to visit with your family, visas for all family members are necessary. For all visas, you have to fill out everyone’s form separately.
  • Your passport should have two blank pages.
  • There is a requirement for your salary slip for the past six months with your two photos.
  • If you want to travel with your child in any one of these states, permission from your partner is compulsory. In addition, you have your child’s Nadra B form.
  • Many people travel to these countries for business. If it is also your case, you have the letter from your company that describes your reason for traveling.
  • If you want to visit such states as a tourist, you do not need any sponsor letter. The purpose of the sponsor letter is to describe the reason for your traveling. But, if you go to any of these states as a tourist, you do not require this document.
  • Many times, people get the opportunity of jobs in such countries. If you apply for this purpose, you will need your employment letter from that company.

All the international conferences are with a registration fee. Whenever you plan to attend the conference in any Schengen country, your invitation card with the receipt of the fee is important. You have to submit both of them during the application for Visa. In this way, the procedure for getting approval becomes fast and you will get the approval in a few days. Babaaz Travels & Tours international agency offers you the best assistance for Schengen visa.

Evidence of financial situation

When you have excellent financial condition, there is a high chance that you get a Visa. The countries make sure that you have enough money to spend during the vacations in their places. Below are the essential documents that you should have:

  1. You have your return air ticket. So, when you plan to return to your home, you will immediately return home.
  2. Another compulsory document is to have the proof of hotel booking. It shows that you will remain in that hotel during your whole holidays.
  3. You should have your bank statements for the past few months. Besides, you can also submit a statement of your credit card.
  4. Your income certificate is the most important thing that helps you in traveling to other states. If you have enough good financial situation, you will get the visa quickly.

Photo size

The photo size is the most difficult factor. You have the exact size of your photo for the application that this visa requires. Numerous persons do not have an idea about its size. The background of the photos should be light grey. Moreover, there will requirement for two recent photos. Their size should be 35X45mm. These are some basic specifications that your photo should have. The pose of the picture should only be front-side face. You have to see towards the camera’s lens accordingly to this pose.

Schengen visa fee

The one crucial point that you should have know is the fees. All applicants must have to submit this fee at the time of applying. But, if your application rejects, you will not get the money back.

The money of the fee depends on the age of the individuals. One method of payment is to use your debit card. Some consulates do not receive the money through the card. So, you have to pay in cash. It is the best option to go to the embassy and directly pay this fee.

The fee is different for every age group. The fee for an adult person is about 80 EUR. However, most of the time we all want to travel with our children for holidays. If your kids are below six years, their fee is free. Thus, you will not require paying money for their visas. On the other hand, if the children have age between six and twelve years, the fee will be 40 EUR or less than 40 EUR.

Schengen Visa Consultancy

With Babaaz Travels & Tours international agency, you will easily get your Schengen visa in a short time. If you think that you will do it by yourself, you may face some issues during the application. There are some little complications when you go to the embassy directly to apply it. Thereby, the best idea is to apply through the agency. No doubt, you will get the acceptance of traveling to such states from Pakistan.